Daniel Odermatt takes over the business of BK-Services and continues it under the name DO Fiduciary Services

Rotkreuz, 9. August 2023 - BK-Services AG is pleased to announce the takeover of its business by the current Managing Director Daniel Odermatt.

The takeover of BK-Services AG by Daniel Odermatt represents an optimal succession solution for the company. The BK-Services AG team will support Mr. Odermatt in this transition and DO Fiduciary Services will work to continue to provide customers with outstanding advice and first-class service from its current location in Rotkreuz.

Commenting on the acquisition, Daniel Odermatt said: "I am very exited to have the opportunity to take over the business of BK-Services AG and to continue the business under the name DO Fiduciary Services. I would like to thank BK-Services AG and its shareholder Bär & Karrer for the trust they have placed in me and look forward to working with the existing team to successfully support our customers also in the future."